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A Happy Sunday For The Happy Mondays. September 5, 2015 HAPPY MONDAYS: TEXT & TOUR By Rob Jones The Happy Mondays originally united as a rock n roll escape route from the daily dramas of an off kilter Lancastrian existence. Their nascent manager Phil Saxe stated: ‘it’s about making money and securing a job, because… Read more »

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Posted Review by John Kerrens What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Happy Mondays? It’s Manchester, England 1985. The Happy Mondays imploded onto the “Acid House” scene as a shambolic free-for-all and ended up being held in the same high regard as luminaries like the Velvet Underground and Sex Pistols…. Read more »

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Review from Utd fanzine … ‘sends you back to the music with your ears having been syringed’

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Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas Simon Spence Aurum Press Factory Records’ legendary leader Anthony Wilson lived by John Ford’s famous statement, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” A man who wasn’t afraid of hyperbole, overstatement, and often outright fibs, Wilson’s persona was such that he was often more popular than many of the bands on his label…. Read more »

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Simon Spence’s Biography of the Happy Mondays Is ‘All Excess’ THIS IS AN EXCELLENT BIOGRAPHY OF THE DEFINING BAND OF THE ‘CHEMICAL GENERATION’. “You’re twisting my melon, man!” This is the story of the best band in Manchester. Well, the best band in Manchester in the early ‘90s, at least. The Happy Mondays belong to a line of bad… Read more »

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Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas is a passable read that offers an interesting glimpse into Manchester’s independent rock boom. 3/5 During how many Led Zeppelin rehearsals did Robert Plant refuse to participate? How much crack and heroin did the Rolling Stones consume at their peak? Did members of the Who ever eat their producer’s food… Read more »

Record Collector review – Untwisting the melons


Untwisting the melons Though there’s a gaping Shaun Ryder/Bez shaped-hole in the interviewee list for this book, the rest of the Mondays – and a wide range of their associates – are present and correct here. More importantly, the thorough nature of Spence’s approach to music biography and his clear passion for the music make… Read more »

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December issue: Cheshire Life chooses the best of this month’s new books. They’ll make great Christmas gifts Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas – a Biography It is nearly 30 years since Manchester was dubbed ‘Madchester’. The Happy Mondays – with their ramshacle yet cocksure combination of louche beats and grubby street poetry – were chiefly… Read more »



Culture supplement, Sunday 30 November 2014 Few remember them seriously these days – the enduring image is of dancer Bez and his ever-shaking maracas – but the Happy Mondays, the face of the “Madchester” years, left a huge imprint on music, clubbing and fashion. Spence places the mad energy of the band (fights, fallouts and,… Read more »

MOJO review


January 2015 issue Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas four stars An amazing musical narrative compellingly told. There are 16 index references for labelmate and Happy Mondays producer Bernard Sumner, two for Bobby Gillespie and 48 for heroin. The band who Barbadian drug-dealers knew as the “white niggers” – during the recording of the Mondays’ …… Read more »